Song for Father

Written in celebration of his life.

At close of twenty-six the clock began.
Spring of your life, the river yet to run
The four score years and five to reach the sea
Above Barbara, me, Jane, your grandsons three.
Love’s light lost momentarily, upon
A pause before, permanent reunion.

You sang the ocean lilt, the song of steam,
Train tilting to the hill to scale, or span
The valley’s breach, stirred, steered us by your eyes
And relished roles of husband, father, man.

Variety, richness, seen by us, your
Many sides, the facets of a diamond,
You had no side at all. Words wither, awed
By task of framing you, aright, and sound,

Steak on the fire, a hammer to a claw,
A cleaver to a side of beef. I see
You pitch your car against Manx glen or moor,
Knowing every lane and track turn. Recall

That time when you directed me to some
Deadend – a scene of tenderness once lived.
Such moments, inconsequent, that later
Bloom to grand significance, life’s made of.

Strong enough to show emotion meant, none
Needlessly spent, extravagance and waste –
No! Wise enough to free me from your force,
By magnanimity, allowed my space.

At the garden’s foot, by the river’s side,
Flourishes, having fought the winter through,
Your favourite tree, green in life, in every
Cell, certain strength, resilient as you.

No need to make yourself more than you were
You met the rigours of life’s bestowed role.
The fierce unravelling of time no more
Demands, irrevocably, corporal toll.
Our pole star, resolute and brave, are you,
Steadfast, magnetic, of the north, and true.

Blessed by air and light, you hold true course.
In your wake you scatter smaller craft. Now,
Emptied of energy, still manage to
Reverberate. Winds ever brace your prow.


2 Responses to “Poetry”

  1. Just repeating myself in saying i very much like this poem – it’s real and true

  2. Excellent spare sentiments

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